Looking for indoor players in Boulder Soccer

Posted Fri, May 13 by John from Boulder, CO in Games and Events / 7 replies

  • Soccer Game needs players on Tue, May 13 at 11:10 PM

    I have a team of coaches and refs that needs consistent players for summer 2016 Indoor at Boulder Indoor Soccer.

    Need reliable players.

  • Andrew replied Wed, May 25

    When does this league start? and what does the schedule look like?
  • John replied Wed, May 25

    League starts Friday and usually games play between 6-midnight Friday nights.
  • Andrew replied Thu, May 26

    How much is it? And do I just show up or are there formal teams?
  • John replied Thu, May 26

    approx. $80/player. this is a formal team. our game tomorrow is at 8:40 if you are interested. drop in and see what you think. We wear black. I'm John and i'll be your entertainment director. Check teamsnap for Vivace FC and request to join.
  • John replied Thu, May 26

  • Andrew replied Thu, May 26

    My girlfriend is also interested in joining so we both will be there tomorrow night
  • John replied Fri, May 27

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