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Posted Sat, Sep 24 by Mike from Centennial, CO in Leagues to Join / 1 reply

  • League Profile: Mile High Sport and Social Club

    We have the BEST INDOOR VOLLEYBALL LEAGUES in the Denver Metro Area!
    Why do our players have the most FUN?

    Paid & trained official for our Coed 6's leagues
    The largest and most competitive Coed 4's leagues in Denver
    Full ONE HOUR MATCHES (3 sets to 25) each week. No-one else does this!
    Smaller rosters = MORE PLAYING TIME - we don't allow individuals to be placed on to teams of more than 8 players - ever! Seriously, how can you even play volleyball with 10-15 players on a team (like other leagues in town), you know only 6 go on the court at a time right?
    The best sponsor bars for each location - seriously, we research each bar and make sure that the staff and the products are on point before we present them to our players
    7 Match season + a BIG end of season tournament for all of our indoor teams
    The most responsive league office you will find - last minute cancellation and need a sub? We help out! Need to request game times in advance? We work for you. Call, text or e-mail us - we are here to answer your questions and make sure you have the absolute best time playing with

    We are one of the most affordable leagues in Denver - we don't spend tons of money on advertising and on huge offices. We've grown simply through word-of-mouth and through referrals! We hope to have you see why we have grown to the size we are and why every one comes back from season-to-season!

    Join the fun now:
  • Kelly replied Wed, Oct 26

    Mike, are there any leagues that are based out of centennial or nearby. It looks like you are only in one location downtown. I am looking for a place for our team to play 6's indoors this fall/winter
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